Our Solution


The Technology

Our seizure detection software software algorithm uses oculometric data (i.e, eye movements) to reliably detect a seizure.  By employing machine learning capabilities, our software will also be able to predict when a seizure will occur.  We expect our software to easily  interface and/or integrate with other eye tracking systems (eg. smart glasses) and therapeutic devices (eg. neuromodulation). 

The Competitive Advantage

It is expected that 100% of all seizures will be detected in an ambulatory setting

The Opportunity

Potentially, there are several opportunities to help revolutionize epilepsy care:

  • Eysz is expecting to quantitate in real time side effects such as sedation and slowed cognition related to epilepsy and its treatment empowering patients and their physicians with data to make informed medical decisions. 
  • Eysz has the potential to alter the treatment landscape by collaborating with manufacturers of neuromodulation systems and pharmaceuticals for epilepsy. For example, Eysz has the potential to improve the biomarkers used in closed loop neuro-modulation systems such as the vagal nerve stimulator which currently rely on a heart rate, a biomarker which is approximately 70% accurate. 
  • Eysz has the potential to provide epileptic drug manufacturers with accurate seizure counts and side effect detection during clinical studies improving the quality of safety and efficacy data. 

The Preliminary Evidence

We recently completed a 30 patient proof-of-concept study which resulted in robust seizure detection of the subtlest seizure type, absence seizures.

Next Steps

We are planning to create eye-tracking wearables to be used in a clinical study within the next year....so stay tuned!